1. You should listen to Seth. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Hi there friends! Wow! You’re a LOT more since my last blog entry, and it’s awesome! Thank you! Having you there, with me, really warms me up! Where did ya all come from?

    Anyway, here is the next one in the serie

  2. I don’t know if you are aware of what Tiny Teepee is, but essentially, this is a Tumblr account that invites artist to design doodles based on a theme/word.

    The current word is “KAPOW!

    And so, this is what this word inspires me.

    Yeah, and the fact that I love Naked Lunch… And that I listen to Lazerhawk - Skull and Shark… A lot… Well, everyday.

    And I guess my eager for A Dame To Kill For has influenced me a bit on this one (despite de music of the trailer).

    And you know how Tumblr mess with GIFs, so here is a link and an embed HD version of it.

    High Quality GIF on Imgur:image

  3. My Witchsona!

    No, my witch power isn’t to be late, no, it’s all about making myself looking better and more badass than I really am and shit.

    I had a lot of fun making this one, and I couldn’t decide witch (huhu) one a wanted to pick, so I post ‘em all!

    And yes, I love bat! Since I’m a kid I really really want a bat as pet!

  4. It’s Goblin Week !

    Goblin are awesome, because they are like you want them to be. You can do anything, it will still be a goblin. This is why I choose to draw him with three goated eyes, likes tumors growing on his head, fighting for space.

    This is hand drawn on paper using grey pen (first image), then quickly colored on computer (second image, obviously).

  5. Welcome to all the new followers! Its nice to have you around here (thanks to 2headedsnake)!

    This one is a tribute to the marvelous Josh Smith

    He is so sweet, and anytime he is mentioned, this is what I see in my head: a Horseman twerking on the beat of a washing machine!

    Keep up the awesomeness buddy!


  6. Three days left until it’s Halloween!

    Are you ready? You may have forgot to personalize your drinks for the party. Don’t worry, I’ve conceived (with the help of my girlfriend) and designed 4 stickers for your bottles!

    You can find the printable version (and more) on my girlfriend’s blog (in french). Or right HERE

    Hope you like it and will use it!

  7. I wish I could do some Inktober everyday. This is some sketch for a drawing I’m planning to do. You may recognize what it will be. Anyway, here is an unfinished inked head.

  8. Finally I did a quick #inktober #monkey #doodle he’s cute!

  9. Commissioned by Exotix

    He is a really nice Let’s Player, you should check him out on his Youtube Channel or on his Twitter Page

    Its was super fun to make!

  10. Check this animation I made with my buddy Jean Goovaerts

    The fun starts at 22 sec.

    This is the Opening Credits for the new film by Sam Garbarski, Vijay and I, starring Moritz Bleibtreu, Patricia Arquette, Danny Pudi, Catherine Missal and Michael Imperioli.

    I made the colors, effects and animated the amazing design of Jean.

    Check the trailer for Vijay and I HERE